We are proud to have had two of our general practice research papers published and we intend to continue our research interest in the Glen Mor Surgery.

The General Practitioners in the High Street Surgery conducted a survey during 1988–1990 into cardiovascular health of male patients on their register aged between 20 and 50 years.
The results of this study were published in the Scottish Health Bulletin 1991. 1

Since 1990, the practice has adopted an enthusiastic approach to cardiovascular health promotion and there also exists a small community health awareness programme, the ‘Lochaber Health For All’ project, initiated in 1992.

The main purpose of this second study was to determine whether cardiovascular risk had altered and the contributing factors to any changes in this cohort after a nine-year interval.

1 Brown DB, Sen S, Robinson C, et al. A community-based study into the possible reasons for the high incidence of cardiovascular disease in the west highland district of Lochaber. Health Bull 1991; 49: 8-13.


Our second research paper was published in The British Journal of General Practice,  September   2002.


                Cardiovascular risk reduction in men - a 9 year cohort study



       TANGNEY David J.       MICGP    MRCGP

       BROWN Donna B.

       BROWN Gavin J. FRCP (Edin) DOcc Med

       PRESCOTT Gordon J. BSc MSc      



Cardiovascular risk scores improved in a cohort of 500 males aged 20-50 years over a 9 year period. The major component of the risk improvement was a reduction in smoking habits.
A disappointing finding is the increased number of obese subjects and those not participating  in regular exercise.
Altering these trends must now be a priority for all health professionals. The  effects of community based and primary care health promotion are likely to be synergistic  with  those of National mass media campaigns.

The full text of the paper can be viewed at the Royal College of General Practitioner's website.     or




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