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Welcome to Glen Mor Surgery

We are a four partner group practice in the West Highland town of Fort William and we have a list of over 5,500 patients who are largely concentrated in the communities of Fort William, Caol and Corpach. We are situated in west end of the Great Glen, close to Ben Nevis and 3 miles from the Aonach Mor Ski Centre. 

Our purpose built premises, the Fort William Health Centre which is near the Lochaber High School is shared by all the three town practices as well as District Nurses, Dietitians, Chiropody, Community Dentist, Child Health, Physiotherapy, Community Mental Health Team, Learning Disability, etc. 

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Physiotherapy / Muscle and joint problems

Most muscle and joint problems get better themselves. For advice and self management click here.

If you feel you need to see a physiotherapist we now have appointments in the Surgery.

Our physiotherapist can be booked directly through the Practice appointments system. She will assess patients without the need for you to see a Doctor first.

The Physiotherapist can assess, diagnose and treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions. The Physiotherapist can refer you for further investigations such as blood tests, x-ray, MRI or ultrasound scans if required.

Pharmacy First


Click here for information

Pharmacies can provide information on many conditions and can provide treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infections and impetigo without prescription.

You can also access emergency contraception, treatment for thrush and minor ailments for children.

Registering for minor ailments at your local pharmacy allows free access to some medication for children.

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Daylight (for anxiety) and Sleepio (for insomnia)

Daylight’s digital anxiety improvement programme can help you control feelings of worry and anxiety, using proven evidence-based techniques.

Daylight - www.trydaylight.com/nhs


Sleepio’s online sleep improvement programme can help you get to the root of stubborn sleep, using proven evidence-based techniques.

Sleepio – www.sleepio.com/nhs


We all need a little help sometimes. Maybe sleepless nights have you groggy, reaching for your third cup of coffee - or maybe your racing thoughts leave you stressed and struggling to focus. Mental wellbeing affects every aspect of our lives, from energy to appetite, and each person’s needs are unique. Whether it’s poor sleep or worry and anxiety that stand in your way, your journey to better mental wellbeing can start in just a couple of minutes.


Daylight and Sleepio are science-backed digital therapies, personalised to your needs - with no need for prescriptions or a doctor’s appointment. They were built by mental health experts using evidence-based techniques, in collaboration with leading designers such as Pixar - because we believe mental healthcare should not only be effective, but also positive and fun. Start with Sleepio’s two-minute quiz to learn your Sleep Score and how to improve it or use Daylight to discover your Anxiety Type and how to manage it.


Mind to Mind

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or low, or having problems sleeping or dealing with grief – find out how you can improve your mental wellbeing by hearing what others have found helpful.




Changes to Delivery of Vaccine Service


Changes to delivery of vaccination programme

Whether you are staying at home or heading abroad vaccines are here to keep you safe. They help protect you and your family from certain infectious diseases.

In the past those requiring a routine vaccination will have been invited to attend an appointment at your local GP Practice. As from 01 March 2023 most vaccinations will be delivered by the Health Board as part of a national vaccination transformation programme.

This will cover vaccines such as childhood vaccines including the primary immunisation course for infants and the pre-school booster, as well as adult vaccination programmes such as the shingles vaccine.

Dr Tim Allison, Director of Public Health for NHS Highland said: “How you get invited to attend for your vaccination is not going to change. You will still be invited by letter to make an appointment for vaccination but going forwards this may now be at a new local venue dependant on where you live.

“Our local Service Delivery Centre will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your appointment and our teams in our locally run clinics will ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.”

Travel vaccinations have already begun to transition to health board delivery with a number of community pharmacies across Highland now carrying out this service.

Immunisation is one of the most effective public health interventions for preventing illness and deaths from infectious diseases and we would encourage you to attend for your vaccinations when invited.

How will I know when my appointment is?

You will receive a letter from NHS Highland with either a set appointment or advice to contact the Highland Service Delivery Centre (SDC) to make an appointment at a clinic location. The contact details for the SDC are 08000 320339 or nhsh.covidvaccine@nhs.scot

What do I do if I have a query about my appointment?

If you have a query about your appointment please contact the SDC on the details above and they will register the issue. The community teams will then be contacted to help investigate as needed.

What do I do if I have a clinical query about vaccinations?

If you have a clinical query please contact NHS Highland's Health Protection Team. The details for the Health Protection Team are 01463 704886 and the email address for the Health Protection Team is hpt.highland@nhs.scot.